starts on 24 December 2547 by doing business in a souvenir shop and OTOP the province under the name. "Working Krabi" , or inside the restaurant also has a rich aroma of fresh coffee flavor under the "Sea Coffee" of the services as well.

Later, with excellent service. And taste delicious coffee to customers who use more coffee making facilities within the strait. From there a convenient way to serve customers who are moving to the coffee shop outside Sri Krabi. And modify the new area With fresh air Shady and cool Redolent with the smell of fresh coffee. To match the atmosphere of the restaurant has changed. New name "Coffee Garden".

In addition, the Working Krabi. Also a pearl from pearl farms. High-quality, affordable products to be made from the Pearl of the deep sea of the Andaman and assembled as rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, freshwater pearl drops Pearl South Sea pearl souvenirs etc.. shell Accumulation of deep sea shell decor Most exquisite workmanship Every piece has a factory warranty for quality control at all stages of production by experts Thailand and Japan. The quality is standard Prices are fair "Lifetime Warranty".